Trivia for 2nd iBlog Conference in April 2006: Who’s the Official (or Unofficial) Face of Pinoy Blogging?

I'd like to invite feedback and comment from our most active, engaging Pinoy bloggers to post here:

Who do you think is the undisputed, official 'face' of Pinoy blogging?

Why do you think he/she is THE globally respected Pinoy blog author?

My acid standards:

  1. Should be a Pinoy national who has blogged regularly (at least weekly) for minimum of one year
  2. May be living anywhere around the globe
  3. Has amassed a community of interest around his/her blogs, in general (we welcome your opinion on definitions of what 'community' is in the blogosphere)
  4. Has been most cited/referenced/quoted in blogs globally for his specific subject/domain knowledge (so that's on top of getting a good community of readers around his virtual soapbox).
  5. Has very innovative ways of reaching his readers–name your favourite ways of how his news reaches your inbox, your news reader, your top-of-mind consciousness?
  6. Has been a true blue afficionado of blogging–he/she practically makes it his source of living, or his way of virtual life.:)

Hope to share the results during the 2nd iBlog conference. It's a nice way to start the face-to-face conversation when I'm there.


About Maita Siquijor

Trustee (2008-2010), PAREB-Muntinlupa Real Estate Board; full-time real estate practitioner, digital marketer, blogger; seminar speaker/advocate for IT literacy in real estate; e-learning consultant and facilitator

Posted on April 3, 2006, in Blogging, Communities of Practice. Bookmark the permalink. 3 Comments.

  1. I think she would be Shai Coggins. One of our bloggers featured her at

  2. I would vote for Manolo Quezon, one of the highly linked blogs around. He’s also a member of the high-profile Pajamas Media along with Fil-Am mediawoman Michele Malkin.

  3. Thanks Yuga.

    I wanted to vote for you. Seems that you’re in most Pinoy blogs I’ve visited.

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