More Reviews on iBlog 2. . .iBlog 3 in the Works?

Ms. Janette Toral of the Philippine Internet Review was nice enough to mention Architelago's review on iBlog 2. Thanks, Ms. Janette.

All the more, I am convinced that this move to WordPress is a great,wonderful thing. Wouldn't have known about Janette's comments if not for the meta features of WordPress. 

Her post led me to the intriguing article of  Erwin Oliva of Inq7.Net that  blogging is still seen as an 'elitist' activity.  This is an opinion by  Dr. Ronald Meinardus of My Liberal Times. He says that in the Philippines, blogging is limited to those who are educated, have access to technology, and earn higher incomes. In physical resources, yes. But there is nothing like the blog that has encouraged so much citizen's journalism here and worldwide, that it  is definitely far from elitist. The conference emphasizes how much privilege and responsibility bloggers have in sharing both their physical resources and intellectual capital. A little knowledge need not be a dangerous thing.

So, Ms. Janette, how do you see Pinoy Bloggers moving forward with i Blog 3? How do we keep our community growing and glowing?


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Trustee (2008-2010), PAREB-Muntinlupa Real Estate Board; full-time real estate practitioner, digital marketer, blogger; seminar speaker/advocate for IT literacy in real estate; e-learning consultant and facilitator

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  1. I think in moving towards iBlog3, it will all be about suggestions galore once more from bloggers. For iBlog2, we created a discussion group then asking for topic and speaker ideas. I encourage those who are interested to join and give their inputs to visit Thanks again for supporting iBlog!

  2. Missed iBlog2 because of work. I hope the iBlog3 will be on a Saturday. Were the proceedings recorded? This would be the next best thing to being there.

    @Architelago – One WP must-plugin: backup/restore. =)

  3. Hi, Jun and Ms. Janette. Thanks for the visit. I’ll visit the groups page. As for the WP plug-in, Jun, I’m still familiarizing myself with WP’s cool features and back-up/restore sounds like a good idea.

    What do you think about the WP metrics features? Wondering how to tie it up with getting more respondents for online courses.:)

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