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Project Communications via Team Blogging

Came across an interesting article on enterprise blogging for projects by Rod Boothby of Innovation Creators.  It’s a very concrete, practical way of introducing blogging to the institution.  It reminds me of virtual teaming projects that allow participants to practice several skills: collaboration, communication using asynchronous tools, writing for the Net,  and information literacy.  It’s also highly practical for those who are not co-located and not from the same domain knowledge, yet need to work on a single project.  This works for those who are in corporate as well as in academe.  See my earlier post on using the blog for a primary school musical.

A concrete project with a short timeframe allows users who have little or no experience in blogging or social networking tools to experience the benefits of using weblogs for communication among team members.  What’s nice is that Boothby notes free tools such as WordPress or Movable Type , and the ubiquitous e-mail groups can work just as well as intranet-based enterprise software.

I like Boothby’s idea of creating a central directory of topics by using targetted e-mail addresses.  You can also use this for  asynchronous brainstorming: you can e-mail an idea to a specific address that posts it to the relevant blog! That would be create a rich repository that can be later on categorized and mined.  The site editor can add links of specific resources to help the blog visitors further explore the project topic, making it an organically growing, informal learning site.  I love it.


Blog for a School Musical

Woodrose School’s Primary Department put up a blog for its forthcoming musical, “The Littlest Empress”, to be shown on February 22 and 23, 2007 at the Insular Life Auditorium, Filinvest Corporate City, Alabang.  Proceeds from this original musical, written ten years ago by the school’s energetic primary level teachers, will be used to upgrade the school’s instructional materials and computer equipment.

This is one way to introduce teachers and students alike to the uses of blogging in education. It becomes a link between the school and the parents, those who wish to know more about what’s going on in their daughter’s academic and extra-curricular enrichment activities.   

The blog also serves as an online advertisement for the play, as an additional promotional venue for sponsors.  The blog is also used as an online announcement board (again for parents’ use) on the practice schedules and pictures of the rehearsals. Beyond the play, there are links to lead teachers, students and parents to other online learning sites.

For the Primary Department’s Academic Week, the blog will be used as a resource site to help students practice reading,  writing and computer usage skills together with their parents. 

iBlog 3.0 in the Works!

My intuition served me right.  I visited on a whim (and why didn’t i put it in my blogroll?).  I was pleased to see that plans are now being drawn up for iBlog 3.0 , scheduled this April 2007. 

As before, the energetic Ms. Janet Toral is at the forefront of the preparations.   iBlog 3.0 will be a two-day affair held over a weekend.   The one-day forum last year was way too short, with such a rich opportunity for discussion and idea exchange.  So Pinoy bloggers, speak up! What topics would you like to take up during the summit?