Monthly Archives: November 2007

Where in the Net is That Fil Language Site for Kids?

I’ve been in hibernation for months.  And now that school is in, I’m back for something very basic:  language learning. 

For the past two quarters I’ve been searching for an online Filipino language learning site for grade school children. The Tagalog language learning site by Northern Illinois University  is commendable and truly multimedia in approach.  But it’s complex for  8- and 9-year old kids, even if they have modules from Basic to Advanced Filipino.  The online dictionaries and audio spiels prove helpful for guided tutorials. Tutors and teachers will find it helpful to go through the vocabulary strategies to understand the pedagogy used for the lessons.

For older kids and adults, the site offers online dictionaries, forums and even tutorial help!  Try it out and see how it fits your Fil language learning preferences. You may try interacting with Filipino students based in the US, specifically in NIU.   

Otherwise, please any links to good Filipino language learning sites for kids would be most appreciated. E-mail architelago!