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Horizon Project 2009-2010

The new report is out for the Horizon Project for new media studies:


E-learning Metatrends, Key Emerging Technologies 2008

YouTube, podcasting, Facebook, Google Docs, data mashups, collaboration webs, grassroots video. . .the implication for learning, teaching and creative expressions can be found in the 2008 Horizons Report. Many thanks to Angelo Agujo, Philippine E-learning Society’s Board Member, for leading us to this highly exciting, informative report.

iBlog 3.0 in the Works!

My intuition served me right.  I visited on a whim (and why didn’t i put it in my blogroll?).  I was pleased to see that plans are now being drawn up for iBlog 3.0 , scheduled this April 2007. 

As before, the energetic Ms. Janet Toral is at the forefront of the preparations.   iBlog 3.0 will be a two-day affair held over a weekend.   The one-day forum last year was way too short, with such a rich opportunity for discussion and idea exchange.  So Pinoy bloggers, speak up! What topics would you like to take up during the summit?

CP Square Launches Bibliography on CoP

Etienne Wenger launches a rich, valuable online resource wiki on Communities of Practice at . Here’s an organic list of what you can find at the link:

General resources for the whole field

  • Classics and foundational materials
  • Learning and learning theory
  • Cases
  • Information_Science
  • Innovation
  • Leadership and community cultivation
  • Measurement and outcomes assessment
  • Narrative techniques
  • Organizational context and sponsorship
  • Related fields and literatures
  • Technology
    • tools
    • issues
    • support
  • Unclassified (please use only as a last resort)
  • Bibliographies and directories

Specific organizational or cultural settings

  • Civic Practices & Settings
  • Development (economic, social, and otherwise)
  • Education
  • Healthcare
  • Open Source Software
  • Pharmaceuticals