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E-learning Metatrends, Key Emerging Technologies 2008

YouTube, podcasting, Facebook, Google Docs, data mashups, collaboration webs, grassroots video. . .the implication for learning, teaching and creative expressions can be found in the 2008 Horizons Report. Many thanks to Angelo Agujo, Philippine E-learning Society’s Board Member, for leading us to this highly exciting, informative report.


Lifelong Learning

Dr. Keith Robinson’s Blue Flavor gives nuggets of wisdom on lifelong learning:

  • Make the decision to keep learning
  • Get face to face
  • Become a teacher
  • Play
  • Use technology to connect
  • Mix it up
  • You don’t need to master everything

On becoming a teacher, I’d like to think it’s more of ‘becoming a mentor’.  In this role, one not only imparts knowledge to a student; one is open to learning from the learner.  In this mode, I get to practice all the other tips that Dr. Robinson has listed.

More importantly, lifelong learning is always a choice.  It takes courage to face people  and say, “I still have a lot to learn”. It also takes a sense of social responsibility to say, “I want to learn, so I can pass on what I know to the next gen.” 

What do you think?